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2. Race Central Fans we announce a Partnership with former Formula One Driver Allen Berg and the Allen Berg Formula Driving School for this ONE TIME EVENT- One Day and Advanced Lapping programs at Arizona Motorsports Park in Phoenix on Saturday September 27 on their full and exciting professional road course racing facility.

3. These programs include over 2 hours of track time, data debriefing sessions with our MoTeC data systems and complimentary on board video camera footage. The program will run 8 AM to 5 PM.

4. It is by far the program where we get the best reviews from our customers and I think that this new racetrack will be a great venue for these state of the are Formula One/Indy Style race Cars!! and is considered maybe the finest School in North America

Come join Race Central TV / Radio Host Kurt Hansen on 9/27 and be part of a Race Central Television shoot to air on national Television in October!!


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Race Central also features a vast array of Celebrities from the Motor Sports, Custom and Collectible Car and Motorcycle World. Race Central TV has two broadcast partners and is available in excess of 80 Million Homes in the U.S. and every Dish Network Home in Denver and the Rocky Mountains. On top of all that, The Lucas Oil Race Central Programs are the only Rocky Mountain broadcast outlet covering all local/regional Car, Bike and Motorsports events and activities for almost a decade.

Race Central TV, Radio and Media are the nation’s premier programming outlets and media centers for everything about Motorsports and are the focus of both our radio and TV shows as well as this website, our Twitter feed, our Facebook page and our opt-in weekly emails.  Kurt Hansen is the Host of Race Central TV and Race Central Radio. Every week Kurt comes through your TV and Radio with the latest and greatest in “The Greatest Names in Motor Sports From The Front Range to Formula One”.